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Spiritual centers established by Param Pujya Dr. Shyam lal Saxena ji

Pujya Babuji at the age of 15 years embraced the great holy teachings of his guru, Param Pujya Lala Ji Maharaj. He amassed a huge number of followers of the faith wherever he was posted. In district Ghazipur, Dildarnagar, many people started visiting him from eastern UP, Bihar, Varanasi etc. He used to visit these places at least once every year for Satsang. In due course of time, for the convenience of the people region-wise centres were established by him.

The number of satsangis grew drastically since the period of Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj. Keeping this in mind, for the proper functioning of the Satsang activities various persons from the satsang family were appointed as coordinators (whose names are given hereby in alphabetical order for convenience). They will be coordinating the satsang activities under the able guidance of various administrative heads and under total supervision of Pujya Dr. V. K. Saxena. This arrangement came into effect from October, 2006 as directed by Pujya Dr. V. K.Saxena (Chhote Bhaiyya ji, Dinnu Bhaisahab) - the present Acharya of Shri Ramashram Satsang, Ghaziabad. These persons have been bestowed with one or more izaazats, which include Izaazat of Bait, Izaazat of Taaleem and Izaazat of Satsang. They will perform their duties accordingly. They have been strictly instructed to serve the satsangis as a humble servant. The primary motivation of such an arrangement is that Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj wanted that at every center, regular satsang activities should be carried out..

The various centers and a list of functionaries for each center are as follows :-

1) Ghaziabad Centre, Main Centre: (7, Rama Krishna Colony, Ghaziabad) (Samadhi Mandir, G.T. Road, Near Nagar Milk Dairy, Vishnoi village, Ghaziabad)

On 25th June 1963, with the blessings of Param Pujya lalaji maharaj, he inaugurated this centre which instituted an annual Bhandara where all his disciples gathered every year. He settled here after his retirement. This bhandara date was later shifted by him between Dushehra and Diwali due to public holidays. For the convenience of all the satsangis, the annual bhandara at Ghaziabad is now held in Dushehra holidays. Earlier the numbers of satsangi’s were limited so it was held at his residence at 7, Rama Krishna Colony, Ghaziabad. But now as the numbers of satsangi have increased, the bhandara is held at Samadhi Mandir, at G.T. Road, near Nagar Milk Dairy, in Vishnoi village which was constructed for this very purpose. The bhandara started at this place in 2000-2001 and with the blessings of Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj, continues to be a major center for our spiritual exercises.

Center Heads:

  • Shri G. K. Saxena
  • Shri Pankaj Saxena
  • Prof. S. N. Rai


  • Shri T. P. Srivastava
  • Shri Arun Srivastava
  • Shri Vijai Pal Singh Pawar
  • Shri Ranvir Singh (Babaji)
  • Dr. A. K. Sharma
  • Shri O. P. Pawar (Advocate)
  • Shri M. L. Srivastava
  • Smt. Namita Arun

2) Lucknow Centre, Main Centre: (B-1/26, Sector ‘K’, Aliganj, Lucknow) (Devasthali Ashram, Chak Ganja Giri Village, Raitha Rd, Sitapur Rd, Lucknow)

Lucknow, being the centre, Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj insisted on it having the strongest presence among all the other bhandaras. With his blessings, in 1977, a one day bhandara on the eve of his birthday, 1st January and a one day bhandara on the eve of Param Pujya Lalaji Maharaj’s birthday were started in Lucknow at F-1/B, River Bank Colony. From 1991, this weekly satsang and bhandara shifted to B-1/26, Sector ‘K’, Aliganj, Lucknow, the residence of Dr.V.K.Saxena, Chhote Bhaiyya Ji’s place.

The increasing number of devoted satsangi’s made it necessary to build a separate place to carry out the santsang activities smoothly. With the blessings of Pujya Tauji Maharaj (Gurudev of Pujya Bade bhaiyya ji and Pujya Chhote Bhaiyya ji) and with the Ashriwad of Pujya Babuji Maharaj an Ashram was made in Chak Ganja Giri village on Raitha Road, Sitapur and was named “Devasthali Ashram”. Now a four day bhandara on the Birth Anniversary of Pujya Babuji Maharaj, is held on 29th, 30th & 31st December and 1st of January. A one day bhandara is held on 18th May (the Nirvana Diwas of Param Pujya Tauji Maharaj), on Guru Purnima, and on 15th October (Birthday of Pujya Tauji Maharaj).

Center Heads:

  • Dr. V. K. Saxena (Acharya, Present Head)
  • Shri J. P. Bajpai


  • Shri Tribhuvan Dutt Bajpai
  • Shri Ajai Kumar
  • Dr. Atul Kumar
  • Shri Tribhuvan Singh

3) Varanasi Centre (Sarang Talaab, Panch Kushi Road, Varanasi-7)

Varanasi was the oldest centre of Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj. This centre was established in 1953 at the behest of a very loving disciple of Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj, Thakur Shri Shiv Naresh Singh ji. A railway employee then, he was residing in a railway quarter, L/27A, just near Varanasi station. After his retirement he shifted to his native place and his quarter was allotted to Shri Nand Singh who was also a loving disciple of Pujya Babuji Maharaj. With the increasing constraints of space, a place was donated by Thakur Raghuraj Singh ji, a disciple of Pujya Babu ji Maharaj, which is situated at Sarang Talaab, Panch Kushi Road, Varanasi-7. Now, bhandara and weekly regular satsang is being held there at his residence.

Center Heads:

  • Shri Ram Narain Lal ji
  • Dr. S. N. Rai


  • Dr. Satish Kumar Srivastava
  • Shri S. P. Singh
  • Shri Om Prakash Rai
  • Shri Bhagwati Srivastava
  • Shri Ram Chander Tiwari
  • Shri A. K. Singh (Guddu), S/o Shri O. P. Singh

4) Hapur Centre (House no. 842, Shivpuri, Railway Road, Hapur)

This centre was established in 1957, where a devoted follower of Pujya Babu ji Maharaj, Shri Jagdish Prasad Gupta ji resides. Being near to Ghaziabad, the dedicated disciples of Hapur visited Pujya Babuji Maharaj on every weekend on Sunday. Since 1963 a one day bhandara is held there annually.

Center Heads:

  • Shri Jagdish Prasad Gupta
  • Shri Ram Avtar ji


  • Shri Om Prakash ji
  • Dr. V. K. Jain (Meerut)
  • Shri Sharad Kumar, S/o Shri J. P. Gupta

5) Patna Centre (F-33, People’s Co-operative Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna -20)

This centre was established in 1976 in Bihar at the residence of Dr. J. P. Karan. Presently, annual Bhandara in Patna is held at the satsang hall on the upper storey of Shri M.L. Das’s house, the son-in-law of Dr. J.P. Karan. People from Samastipur, Ujiyarpur, Darbhanga, Deoghar, Gaya, Munger and many other remote places come here for the satsang. Annual as well as monthly and weekly satsang is held here.

Center Heads:

  • Shri Shyam Nandan Prasad
  • Dr. J. P. Karan
  • Shri M. L. Das


  • Dr. R. N. Das
  • Dr. B. K. Das
  • Shri Raj Kishore Prasad
  • Shri Karu Lakra
  • Dr. Nandu
  • Smt. Meena Das

6) Farhdini, Gorakhpur Centre (Farhdini)

This small village of district Gorakhpur was blessed with Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj’s visit in 1977. The enlightened soul made his presence felt in the hearts of many simple, poor, literate and illiterate here. Bhandara was established at the residence of Late Shri Rajendra Mani Tripathi ji in the village Farhdini. After his death, his son, Shri Krishna Bihari Mani Tripathi took the responsibility of Satsang here.

Center Heads:

  • Shri Krishna Bihari Mani Tripathi
  • Shri Kedar Nath Srivastava


  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • Dr. P.N. Mishra

7) Ballia Centre (Sheopur Dear, Nai Basti, Chopra Road, Ballia, UP)

The devoted disciple of Pujya Babuji Maharaj, Thakur Shri Shiv Naresh Singh ji, after his retirement went back to his native village Sheopur Dear, some 6 miles away from Ballia city. Ballia is a bordering district of UP and Bihar, and is situated on the banks of Ganga. Thakur Shiv Naresh Singh Ji wished that a centre may be established at his place also. Although it was not fulfilled in his lifetime, but just after his death Pujya babuji maharaj asked his second son Dr.V. K. Saxena to go to his place in his last death ceremony ‘Terhi’. Dr. V. K. Saxena and other satsangi’s experienced a peculiar and divine happiness “Adbhut Anand” there. Nowadays, regular weekly satsang is held there.

Center Heads:

  • Dr. S. N. Rai
  • Shri Amarnath Singh


  • Shri A. N. Singh, S/o Shri Om Prakash
  • Shri Ramchandra Tiwari

8) Dildarnagar, District Ghazipur Centre (Dildarnagar, Ghazipur, UP-32326)

This centre was established in 1985 by Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj. It was at a time when Param Pujya Lalaji Maharaj was visiting Pujya Babuji’s place, where he was posted at that time. The great saint experienced a divine illumination or awakening, a blessed moment here. Those moments are infused with these powerful sways where the illuminated one can bestow enlightenment on another soul. Perhaps the moment of Dildarnagar, when Pujya Lalaji Maharaj was there with Pujya Babuji Maharaj appears to be the same. He said “I do not see any deserving person here at this time but since you are here, it should not go in vain. I have sowed the seeds of Paramarthik Vidya here in the fields and wish that a day will come when this will grow and will be nourished by your hands.” His words bore fruit.. A strong centre is now established here and monthly satsangs and a two day annual bhandara is held here. Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj earnestly believed in the sayings of his revered guru and when he was very seriously ill in 1981, he was waiting for someone to come from Dildarnagar. Coming out of the jaws of death that time, the first sentence that he uttered to his sons Dr. R. K. Saxena and Dr. V.K. Saxena was “Beta , I have been graced with life for the cause and work of pujya Lalaji maharaj”. Such was his regard, love and devotion for his master. He nominated a deserving person from Dildarnagar, Dr. S. N. Rai at whose place regular bhandaras are held.

Center Heads:

  • Dr. S. N. Rai


  • Shri Thakur Dayal
  • Shri Om Prakash Singh

9) Barabanki Centre (648, Sri Ramashram, Satyapreminagar, Barabanki UP)

Barabanki is a twin city near Lucknow. This centre was established in 1991 after the nirvana of Pujya Babuji Maharaj, at the residence of Sri O. P. Singh.

Pujya Babuji Maharaj visited this house in 1975 when he was going with his son Dr. V K Saxena from Gonda to Lucknow. On the way on the request of Shri OP Singh, Pujya Babuji agreed to stay for an hour. That short stay of that holy saint blessed the house and a one day bhandara is being held there annually.

Center Heads:

  • Shri O. P. Singh


  • Shri A. P. Srivastava
  • Shri Jai Prakash

10) Lakhimpur Kheri Centre (Shahpur Kothi, Civil Lines, Lakhimpur Kheri UP.)

A center was established here after the nirvana of Pujya Babuji Maharaj. The bhandara of one day is being held at the residence (or in some school ) of Shri Uma Shankar Shukla , Advocate Shahpur Kothi, Civil Lines, Lakhimpur Kheri UP.


  • Shri Uma Shankar Shukla (Advocate)

11) Jaipur Centre (CT Devnagar, Tank Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan)

The centre here was established by the blessings of param Pujya Babuji Maharaj on the behest of Sri O P Kaushik. Annual bhandara of 2 days is held here.

Center Heads:

  • Shri O. P. Kaushik


  • Sri P.N. Saxena

12) Agra Centre (B-92, Shakuntala Bhanwan, New Agra, Agra-5, UP)

With the grace of Pujya Babuji a one day satsang bhandara centre is established in Agra UP at the residence of Smt Kusum Saxena , daughter of Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj and his son in law, Dr. Raj Kumar Saxena.


  • Shri Manoj Kumar Srivastava
  • Shri Dinesh Kumar
  • Smt Kusum Saxena

These blessed places mentioned above are where bhandaras along with regular satsang are performed. Allahabad, Gwalior, Samastipur, Ujiyarpur, Ghazipur, Baxur, Ranchi, Darbhanga and at many other places regular satsang are held by the grace of holy saint Param Pujya Babuji Maharaj.

The list of co-ordinators at other centers are as follows :-

  • Shri Brahmanand (Jalaun)
  • Shri Rajendra Prasad Mishra (Khalilabad)
  • Shri M. D. Rai (Under guidance of Shri J. P. Bajpayee)
  • Shri P. N. Mishra (Under guidance of Shri J. P. Bajpayee)
  • Shri Satish Chandra Srivastava (Gwalior)
  • Shri Raj Kumar Srivastava (Gwalior)
  • Shri Ram Gopal Srivastava (Gwalior)
  • Shri Anmol Saxena (New Delhi)
  • Shri Ankur Srivastava (New Delhi)
  • Sri Vinay Rai
  • Shri Ankit Srivastava (Bangalore)
  • Sri Pradhan (Buxar)

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