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Few important letter and there replies.

Letter by Lars Jonsen on Oct 29......

Beloved Dr. V.K Saxena,
It is an honour to come in contact with you.
I saw your homepage and become interested.
I wonder if there are any pictures of the Fazal Ahmed Saheb that is available.
I am also interested in all pictures available of other Sufi Masters that Lalaji come in contact with as well as pictures of Lalaji Maharaj, ChaCha ji Maharaj, Brij Mohan Lal Ji and Dr. Sri Krishna Lal Bhatnagar Saheb Sikandrabad.
I am also interested to know if you practice Surat Shbda Yoga.
Did Lalaji had any connection to Sant Mat masters also?
It is told that once Brij Mohan Lal ji and Babuji went to the Kabir Math in Varanasi. Can you say something more about that.

Lars Jensen, Sweden


Dear Lars Jensen,
I am really very happy to receive your letter asking about the real cause and aim of human life. Such questions can only be asked by a Spiritual Seeker or whom God is kind enough to bestow HIS reality and kindness so that one may pray and know HIM and attain the reality.
As far as your desire to have the photographs of Lala ji Maharaj, Chacha ji Maharaj, Brij Mohan Lal ji Saheb and Dr. ShriKrishna Lal Bhatnagar Saheb of Sikandarabad, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Shyam Lal Saxena Of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh all are sent to you by email , as it is convenient. However, photo of Maulana Fazal Ahmed Saheb (Gurudev of Param Pujya Lala ji Maharaj) is not available anywhere because Sufi Saints don’t believe in photography. I will manage to send photograph of Mufti Saheb Madarsa, Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh (where HE resided for a longer duration) and photograph of his Mazar Sharif at Raipur, District -Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The questions asked by your honourable self, I want to answer them in short with the Grace of God.

  1. The most important aspect if one wants to know God is to believe blindly that there is a Supreme Power which governs our lives. There must be a burning urge in heart who wants to know HIM.
  2. The requirement which you have asked to follow the path is firm belief that God is there and have a firm desire to know HIM. This pious desire to know HIM will make his path automatically.
  3. The question what you should do to start to follow this path.
  4. Pray God humbly, daily, regularly (at least two times a day) to show the Path and Meditate with jap of OM with each breath.
  5. Read Literature or Life History of the Saints to whom you want to follow.
  6. Have an eye on your acts so that your actions and thoughts may flow in right directions meaning there by Character Formation.
  7. There is no other necessity before starting Worship except a strong WILL. Initiation from a Living Master is very very essential for the Sadhak who wants progress. I may give an example to clarify my view, if there is any house fully accomplished with the electricity fittings but if it is not connected with the Power house it will not be enlightened. No wonder how much labour in this direction one may do but without Initiation and blessing of a Living Master it is impossible to achieve the Goal. It’s a very mysterious path, one cannot know its mystics without the help of the Living Guru.
  8. Surat Shabd Yogpractise means the practise to know one’s soul. Surat means Atma, Shabd means the Vibrations, Yog means To Unite and Practise means Abhyaas. These are the words given by Saints to clarify their methods to know God i.e. to unite your Soul with Shabd.
  9. Param Pujya Lala ji Maharaj (Shri Ram Chandra Sahai) of Fatehgarh was the originator of our SANTMAT. HE himself was the worthy disciple of Great Sufi Saint of Nakshbandia Khandan Huzur Fazal Ahmed Saheb. The great Sufi Saint selected Pujya Lala ji Maharaj as HIS heir. Lalaji Maharaj originated this SANTMAT with some additions and essential modifications seeing the requirement of the society of that time whom HE initiated. Param Pujya Lala ji Maharaj also met Pujya Abdul Gani Saheb of Bhogaon, District Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh who was also a disciple of Maulvi Ahmed Ali Saheb of Kuberpur, Tehsil Kayamganj, District Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  10. The eldest son of Pujya Chacha ji Maharaj, Pujya Brij Mohan Lal ji Saheb visited the place Dildarnagar, district Gazipur, Uttar Pradesh where Param Pujya Babu ji ( Dr. Shyam Lal Saxena) was posted as Health Officer. Pujya Babu ji and HE visited Kabir Chaura, the worship place of Kabir Saheb in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The blessing and the Anand of the Soul which they realised there was of par excellence as if Atma wants to leave the body. This experience cannot be expressed in words. Kabir Saheb a great Saint of India, can be said the first founder of SANTMAT who believed that man can only achieve the real Goal to know God or Salvation of man is possible through Satsang and Satguru. The Great Saint Kabir Saheb bestowed his blessings on them and they by HIS grace experienced the sublime.

The hunger and thirst which you have shown in your letter, I wish and pray may God the gracious may keep it up and you may get the right path. God is very kind, it is we that we do not remember HIM even.
I advise you to read “Pooja Ki Vidhi” which is available on our website to know and understand the primary things. The Annual Bhandara (The assembly of all Satsangi brothers and sisters) will be held at Lucknow on 29th, 30th, 31st December 2009 and 1st January 2010 at Devasthali Ashram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
It will be so nice and kind of you that you may write your age, profession and family members which will help me in advising you accordingly.
I wish my letter may find you in best of spirits.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. V.K.Saxena

Letter by Lars Jonsen on Nov 11......

Beloved Dr. V.K.Saxena!
Many thanks for your kind letter and for the attached photos!
I am most horned and happy for your kind answer to my questions.

Upon your request I may introduce myself properly.

I am a man of 46 years old, living in Sweden. I am married and have no children. I have only one brother. My father’s health is week since one-year back in time, but it is stable. I am working as a project manager and have a graduation in Master of Science in Engineering, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. But most of all I am a spiritual seeker after God and it is as such spiritual seeker I have come in contact with you.
Is there anything that one can do if it is not possible to come to India and come in front of Master?

Lars Jensen


Dear Lars Jensen,
Thank you very much for your detail introduction. I think it my pious duty to help in your spiritual pursuit to my best level.
These are the points to be followed in initial stage :-

  1. Meditation: For meditation if you believe on Jesus Christ or any other Saint, concentrate and meditate for 15 minutes two times everyday according to your time and sit down calmly and think that you are sitting in front of HIM and try to become thoughtless. While doing your daily worldly duties think and feel HIS presence.
  2. Jap : Do “OM” jap with your each breath and feel it that the sound of OM is vibrating at the place of your heart. I hope after some time you will definitely feel the sound of OM within your heart.
  3. Always Think Good, Do Good and Be Good to all universe without the distinction of caste, colour and creed.
  4. Always have positive thinking in all aspect of your life.
  5. If you fail to do your Meditation any time, do not take food that time only to feel sorry.

I hope and pray that if you will do this regularly the blessings will shower upon you by HIS GRACE. If you agree with my views please keep yourself in my contact. I will be most happy if I will be of any service to you. If God wills and you may visit India I will be very happy to meet you. May God help you. May God be kind on you.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. V.K.Saxena

Letter by Lars Jonsen on Nov 17......

Beloved Dr. V.K.Saxena,

Many thanks for your kind offer!
Thanks for feeling a responsibility for helping me in my spiritual pursuit. I believe that responsibility is one of the expressions of love.
I was very happy to receive your well wishes and your instructions. I will try to follow your guidelines as you sent me.

Lars Jensen