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About ShriRamAshram Satsang

We belong to Sant Mat, the mat of sants(saints)…In the face of rampant debauchery of the modern world, and the onslaught of the “crisis of belief”, Sant Mat provides a coherent and accessible, though perhaps not easy, path to reach the Divine.

The quintessential ABC of Shri Ramashram is Assimilation of Beliefs and Culture (ABC). Instead of the austere path of renouncing the world and seeking seclusion of the mountains or forests while pursuing the abstract, Shri Ramashram devised a way to seek the divine dwelling in the midst of Grihast Jeevan with the help of SadGuru. Shri Ramashram not only factors the prarabdh quotient, the karmic quotient but also the deserving (patra) and devotion quotient (the concept of seena-b-seena).

Param Pujya Shri Ramchandra ji Maharaj, well known by the name of Param Pujya Lalaji Maharaj, expressed his understanding of Divinity with a powerful prophetic bite that made him a revered saintly figure throughout Northern India. He passed on the tradition.

with all its richness and plurality to his disciples. He expounded his beliefs through the propagation of the Santmat, which believes that the classical spiritual disciplines of mediation through a Guru and submission are the only true ways of promoting an enriching spiritual life while infusing it with overwhelming joy.

Lalaji Maharaj gave a clarion call for a new faith, a new belief, a new path that would one day produce its own historical tradition. With an all-encompassing generosity, which beckoned all castes and creeds, he bestowed his supreme spiritual powers on his disciples, making them fully aware of the spiritual attainments. He left strict injunctions to them to serve humanity with love and devotion, and also dispelled the notion of wielding “saintly powers” for worldly comforts. He preached that spiritual knowledge, animated by the transforming love of the mediator (Guru), releases one from the self’s unending and coercive demands. All devotees of Pujya Lalaji Maharaj, Shri Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj and Pujya Chachaji Maharaj, Shri Raghuvar Dayal ji Maharaj worked in their own spheres and they named their satsang after the name of their revered Sadgurudev.

The theme of mediation as the defining mantra of Sant Mat: Guru as mediator between God and humanity. It is in the incarnation, in the guru, that the world is reconciled with God and humanity is accepted by Him.

SHRI RAMASHRAM SATSANG is based on the same principles of Shri Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj. The founder of Shri Ramashram Satsang, Ghaziabad, was Pujya Dr. Shyam lal Saxena, popularly and affectionately known as Babuji Maharaj. He established this satsang in June 1963 at 7, Rama Krishna Colony at Ghaziabad, U.P., for the sole purpose of spreading his guru’s mission to all those who were ailing. He was a doctor by profession and after his retirement he spent all his time for Parmarth (holy work), also in anticipation of a new outpouring of followers in this path which has materialized in the overpowering strength of our regular Bhandaras. The satsang, by the grace of Almighty God, has been successful in chiming in a new order, a new order based on an “inner waiting” for and openness to God’s revelation.